At our emergency business meeting yesterday (7/28), our group conscience regarding the matter of our precarious tenancy at the Clubhouse, after months of ongoing conversations about and struggles with our financial insecurity, was to move locations. August 13th will be our last day at the 46th Street Clubhouse.

On August 14th, we will begin meetings at St. Mary the Virgin Church (133 West 46th Street). There will be two 6:45pm meetings every day from Tuesday–Sunday, and we may resume the 8pm meeting when we regain financial stability.

We will be holding a second emergency business meeting next Sunday, August 4th, from 6:15–7pm, to discuss the logistics of our move.

This will include:

  • discussion of new meeting schedule for 12 meetings/week

  • proposal of changes to bylaws (including changes to meeting schedule and location)

  • changes to script (e.g., “we meet here daily at 5:30, 6:45, and 8pm”)

The emergency business meeting will exclusively focus on what we, as a group, will need to do to ensure an easier, softer move to our new location. Please attend to take part in this ongoing conversation.

At the August business meeting on 8/11 from 6:15–7pm, we will be holding emergency elections for the new meeting chair positions.

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